Mainau Kinderland – a whole island of fun and games for children

There are no end of amazing things to discover on the Flower Island of Mainau in Lake Constance, and not just the botanical treasures from around the world. Mainau Kinderland and Germany's biggest butterfly house never fail to impress families – including young children aged two and above.

A new attraction at Mainau Kinderland is the adventure playground that's set in the water – guaranteed to put a smile on every child's face. The little houses and towers are nestled close together and connected in a variety of different ways. Kids have to rise to the challenge presented by the obstacles and pull themselves along the ropes from one house to the next – without letting their feet touch the ground. High wires and knotted climbing ropes help them on their way. This world of water also boasts large areas of sand for kids to play around in. There is no limit to the fun and games that children can have here, whether building or baking, exploring or excavating. Right next to the playground is a barefoot path offering a variety of sensations.


The miniature village is home to lots of brilliant play equipment designed for children aged between two and four years old; the little ones will love exploring the cave-like huts, the wooden railway and the water play zones. Set between the farmhouse and the lake is the Shetland pony riding school, where children aged twelve and under can go for a ride. At the children's farm – where stroking is actively encouraged – younger guests have the chance to get up close to grazing cows, bleating goats and clucking hens. Spacious enclosures house long-forgotten domestic breeds, miniature ponies and dwarf donkeys, while chickens and rabbits run around in the farmyard. Another animal attraction is the 1,000m² butterfly house, which is open all year round. See hundreds of rare and colourful butterflies from some 80 exotic species flying freely in this tropical paradise with its rushing waterfalls, its ponds with bridges and its cave. You can even watch these beautiful creatures feeding, performing their courtship rituals and laying their eggs. If you're lucky, one of the brightly coloured butterflies might just land on you. Another highlight is the new insect garden, where you can learn all there is to know about wild bees, honeybees and beekeeping.

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