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Centre for Endocrinology, Fertility and Prenatal Medicine, amedes Hamburg

Specialist field: Reproductive medicine

Dr. Barbara Sonntag, Prof. Frank Nawroth

Mönckebergstraße 10
20095 Hamburg
Tel. +49 (0) 40 380 70 83 15

Dr Barbara Sonntag and Professor Frank Nawroth

fertility specialists at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Endocrinology, Fertility and Prenatal Medicine, amedes Hamburg

Dr Barbara Sonntag, Professor Frank Nawroth: Reproductive medicine of the highest order and with the best results

It’s the same all over the world: a happy couple want to have a baby but the longed-for pregnancy fails to materialise; the inability to conceive becomes an emotional strain for both partners. Reproductive medicine is a highly specialised field of medicine that makes it possible for couples to turn their dreams of being parents into reality.

At the Interdisciplinary Centre for Fertility, Endocrinology and Prenatal Medicine in Hamburg, a team of experienced and highly qualified doctors are on hand to offer advice, diagnosis and treatments for people who are having difficulties conceiving. The initial focus is on talking to the would-be parents and trying to identify potential causes in the man and the woman. To help couples to conceive, the centre’s doctors draw on many years of experience to offer the full diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of reproductive medicine, complemented by a caring approach and the option of psychological counselling. The result of these efforts is an above-average pregnancy rate. The centre also offers tests and treatment for specific illnesses. Patients with endometriosis or cancer sufferers, for example, can be presented with solutions enabling them to preserve their fertility and conceive at a later date.

Diagnostic tests at the Fertility Centre in Hamburg

There are various means of determining why pregnancy is not occurring: in both men and women, general as well as highly specific tests are used to diagnose potential causes of infertility. For some couples, no reason can be established for the infertility, even after all tests have been carried out. Even in these cases, however, we are still able to offer an effective programme of treatment with a high chance of success. The doctor begins the treatment by talking in depth to the couple in question. Hormonal laboratory tests are carried out and, in some cases, targeted ultrasound scans as well. If necessary, these are complemented by a tubal patency test of the Fallopian tubes and by imaging of the womb – and this can all be done without anaesthetic thanks to the use of special mini cameras. As for the man, a detailed analysis of his sperm is conducted, supplemented by a physical examination, an ultrasound scan of his testes and analysis of the key laboratory parameters. Genetic tests and specialist genetic consultations are offered if relevant hereditary risks are established or if there have been multiple miscarriages. This results not only in a precise diagnosis but also in a set of findings that the centre’s team of fertility experts can then translate into a personalised programme of treatment offering the best chance of a successful pregnancy.

Fertility treatments

Assisted by a highly qualified laboratory team in accordance with the stringent quality standards of the World Health Organization and the checks carried out by the German Society for Andrology, the Centre for Endocrinology, Fertility and Prenatal Medicine offers the following treatments:

  • Ovarian stimulation with ultrasound monitoring

  • Intrauterine insemination (also with donor sperm)

  • Assisted reproduction through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) complemented by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Supporting measures are also available that may improve the chances of success of the treatments listed for the individual couple. These include the freezing of surplus fertilised eggs (cryopreservation), assisted hatching for embryos, genetic screening of the egg cell’s polar body, the option of donor sperm treatment and comprehensive psychological counselling provided by specialist partners.

The Centre for Endocrinology, Fertility and Prenatal Medicine is easily accessible thanks to its location in the heart of Hamburg. With the help of state-of-the-art equipment and treatment procedures and an experienced team of doctors, it offers you an excellent chance of turning your desire to have children into reality.

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