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Becker's gourmet restaurant ©Becker's
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Becker's Restaurant in Trier – gourmet delights in a design hotel

Becker's Hotel in Trier is distinguished by its elegant atmosphere and exceptional structure. Together with his family, Wolfgang Becker has converted his parent's vineyard and guesthouse into an outstanding design hotel. Becker’s Hotel is now a member of the famous "Design Hotels" portfolio and its clear lines continue in the gourmet restaurant in the same building.

Becker's cuisine is extremely precise, focusing on key flavour components in a contemporary and transparent style that perfectly matches the ambiance of the restaurant. With a twinkle in his eye and never taking himself too seriously, Becker is embarking on a continuous quest for new interpretations of seemingly established culinary themes. After your meal, there is an opportunity for some sightseeing in the UNESCO city of Trier.

Becker's Restaurant
Wolfgang Becker

Head Chef: Wolfgang Becker

Cuisine style*: creative, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: €125

Michelin Guide*:
"The "Purer Genuss" ("pure pleasure") menu is known for its top-class craftsmanship and complex and creative preparation of high-quality produce. A successful balance to modern cuisine with top-class bold design. The restaurant's own wines are naturally recommended."

Contact and Reservations:
BECKER’S Hotel and Restaurant
Olewiger Straße 206
54295 Trier
Tel.: +49 651 93808 0

The prices quoted are purely indicative.

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