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ENERGY Route of Lusatian Industrial Heritage

Deep in east Germany lies Lusatia, a small state full of ponds and lakes. Today's visitors to the Lusatian Lakes can hardly believe that they are standing on the edge of a former opencast mine site. Approximately 250 km long, the ENERGY Route of Lusatian Industrial Heritage will guide you through awe-inspiring sites used by the domestic energy industry and take you on an unforgettable adventure through huge machinery and canyons.

The ENERGY Route of Lusatian Industrial Heritage runs through a region that is full of contradictions. Rare animals such as the otter or the mysterious bittern live in the region's tranquil lakes, whilst elks can be seen rearing their calves in its fen woodland. Just a few kilometres away, however, you would be forgiven for thinking you were standing in the midst of an endless lunar landscape. Meanwhile long-silent machinery is brought back to life in Lusatia's monuments, museums and heritage venues.

Absolutely thrilling

The ENERGY Route unlocks a world of monuments unlike anything you have seen before. Discover how coal is converted into energy and how this changed Lusatia's landscape: the region's dormant open cast mines were flooded to create its spectacular water world of countless lakes. The sights of the ENERGY Route are just waiting to be discovered – and each has its own unique welcome in store!

Highlights and Insider Tips

At Lichterfeld take a moment to appreciate mining equipment such as the F60 Overburden Conveyer Bridge up close or stand on the glass viewing platform at the bio-towers in Lauchhammer. Ramble through Marga, Germany's first Garden City and the most beautiful industrial village in Lusatia. If you wish, you can experience a "Swift Start" on the Factory Adventure Tour at the Knappenrode Power Station which runs three times a day. Alternatively you can take a look at the modern Schwarze Pumpe Power Station. Tours through the active Welzow-Süd mine and a visit to its visitors' centre also promise an unforgettable experience, or alternatively you can be amazed by LOUISE, Europe's oldest briquette factory, and its charming 19th century technology.

Experience the flair of industry

The ENERGY Route of Lusatian Industrial Heritage is one of the experience tours found on the "European Route of Industrial Heritage" (ERIH). Covering over 150 years of energy production, the tour through a bizarre world of charred holes, deserts, steppes, amazing dune formations, unspoiled canyons and active open cast mines can be taken on foot, by bicycle, quad bike, electric car or SUV.

ENERGY Route of Lusatian Industrial Heritage

Length: approximately 250 km

Theme: energy production and landscape change

Cottbus: the Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk gallery
Grossräschen: the IBA Terraces – Lusatian Lakes Visitors' Centre
Hoyerswerda: Knappenrode Power Station
Lauchhammer: bio-towers
Lichterfeld: F60 Visitor Mine (Besucherbergwerk F60)
Plessa: Adventure Power Station (Erlebnis-Kraftwerk)
Senftenberg: Marga Garden City
Spremberg: Schwarze Pumpe Power Station
Uebigau-Wahrenbrück: the LOUISE Briquette Factory (Brikettfabrik LOUISE)
Welzow: Welzow-Süd Open Cast Mine (Tagebau)