Bad Sassendorf – a spa resort blending the old and the new

This saltwater and mud spa at the heart of Westphalia offers a broad choice of wellness, preventative treatments and rehabilitation. Visitors encounter the natural remedies of saltwater and mud and their therapeutic benefits at every turn.

Bad Sassendorf is a recognised saltwater and mud spa resort and is particularly suited to patients with musculo-skeletal problems, rheumatic diseases, respiratory illnesses, skin complaints and psychosomatic fatigue. The resort also provides treatments for cardiovascular diseases as well as general infirmity and convalescence.

Broad range of therapies

The town's six clinics excel in rehabilitative medicine and offer a broad range of treatments and extensive expertise. Treatments draw on a comprehensive set of measures: in-depth diagnostics, regular specialist medical examinations and continuous care. There are even courses preparing patients for everyday life after their stay. Personalised treatment plans ensure that the particular needs of each individual patient are met.

Idyllic scenery

Nestled between Münsterland and Sauerland, Bad Sassendorf is idyllically situated in the lush Soester Börde countryside. The rich, pastoral landscape surrounding the spa resort is a mass of wide, open fields and tree-lined paths, dotted here and there with charming agricultural villages. Only five kilometres south-west of Bad Sassendorf lies the historic Hanseatic town of Soest, which has an old quarter and almost fully preserved ramparts that are especially worth seeing. Other day trip destinations include the Lippe valley, Lake Möhnesee, Arnsberg forest and the Sauerland region.

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