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  • The tropical aquarium can be visited separately from Hagenbeck Zoo.


Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium – exotic adventures await!

Discover a world of natural wonders at Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium in Hamburg. Embark on an exciting expedition that takes in the deepest tropical seas, ancient forests and mysterious caves and grottoes.

In its centenary year, Hamburg's Hagenbeck Zoo opened a sensational new attraction and visitor experience – Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium. The environment is kept hot and humid in the three levels of this tropical world, in which around 14,300 animals from 400 species live in 27 different aquariums. Africa, Asia and South America – you explore three continents and their flora and fauna on paths that twist and turn through the Tropical World. Everything is perfectly designed, just like on a film set. Lush vegetation, brightly coloured birds and lively lemurs: wherever you go animals are chirping, warbling, scuttling and scurrying. Exotic plants grow in abandoned villages, snakes and lizards dart through the undergrowth, lemurs scamper across the Madagascan village square, huge crocodiles lurk on the lakeshore and exotic birds fly through the tropical skies. There is life wherever you look, including in an 'old tunnel' that leads to the mysterious Cave World with its bizarre-looking insects, frogs and bats. One path leads to a dark pond that is packed with piranhas. In the water lurks a green anaconda, the world's biggest snake. Delicate little birds such as the shining honeycreeper zip through the air, and every few steps offers something new. And if you think you've seen it all on your expedition through the tropical aquarium, you'd be wrong. Look again and you'll notice the amazing backdrops! Every visit to Hagenbeck Zoo presents a new opportunity to see birds and bats flying freely among the trees, to study the inhabitants of the caves in greater detail and to watch the many colourful fish and beautiful sea-going giants gliding through the water.


For visitors large and small, the Underwater World is surely the biggest attraction at Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium. Its gargantuan shark atoll, which holds almost two million litres of water, is among the largest in Europe. From behind a huge screen, just like in a cinema, you get to see groupers, humphead wrasses, zebra sharks and reef sharks swimming around a brilliantly coloured underwater world. But, of course, no film can produce anything quite as beautiful as Mother Nature herself.

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