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Cotton grass flowers

Pit Stop Route – An outing through Oldenburg Münsterland

The Pit Stop Route is a 330 km countryside experience consisting of more than 100 stops along a well-signposted circuit through Oldenburg Münsterland. This striking stretch of land in the north-west of Lower Saxony can be easily explored by bicycle, canoe, carriage, horse, car or camper van.

The route runs through rural areas, from the Damme Hills to the recreation area encompassing Barsseler-Saterland, the Thülsfeld reservoir and Hasetal valley, past scenic lakes and rivers of all sizes and across haunting moorland, picturesque geest landscape and sandy heaths.

Variety is the magic word

Be enchanted by the diverse sights en route such as Lake Dümmer, which, with its boating excursions and boats for hire, is a haven for sailing enthusiasts and surfers alike; or the wildlife haven of the Thülsfeld Reservoir with a public nature golf course, which offers sailing and motorsport facilities, and the Thüle Animal and Leisure Park. Truly, there is something for everyone, both young and old. Visitors can also explore the tranquil river landscape of the Hasetal by bicycle, canoe or with the historic railway, or the Barßel Saterland region with its high and low tides and North Sea air.

Enjoy the blissful rural lifestyle

The route features over 100 stops at cosy farmhouses, welcoming farm cafés and picturesque country inns. There are also numerous farm shops along the route, where visitors can buy fresh local produce or handicrafts from the region. You can also while away a few hours in one of the inviting holiday farms or horse-riding centres that line the route. And for a proper night's sleep, why not try out one of the hay hotels?

Further pit stops

Those wanting slightly more energetic pit stops can choose from guided farm and garden tours, carriage rides, riverside treks, cycling and canoe trips – and you can even help out with the harvest. Last but not least are the many interesting museums, historical collections and windmills located at various pit stops along the route that give an insight into the region's cultural history. Just like their counterparts in motorsport, the pit stops here are places to stop, refuel and recharge your batteries.

Pit Stop Route

Length:approximately 330 km

Theme: countryside outings, rural lifestyle

Barßel: Museum of Bog and Fen (Moor- und Fehnmuseum), windmill
Cloppenburg: museum town, trestle windmill
Friesoythe: Thüle Animal and Leisure Park, museums, honey farm
Garrel: Thülsdorf Reservoir, the Burnmuseum Nikolausdorf
Goldenstedt: the Goldenstedt Moor Nature Reserve, field of burial mounds
Lindern: Hermelings Mill, megalithic tomb
Lohne: Hopen moated palace, museums
Vechta: horse-riding city, watermill, fortress park (Zitadellenpark)