Im Schiffchen
Im Schiffchen ©Restaurant "Im Schiffchen"

Im Schiffchen in Düsseldorf – fine dining in the most beautiful building on the square

In the Kaiserswerth district of Düsseldorf, just ten minutes' drive from Düsseldorf city centre, Jean-Claude Bourgueil wears two hats as a Michelin-starred chef: on the ground floor of an attractive old brick building, his restaurant "Enzo im Schiffchen" serves one Michelin-starred cuisine. One floor up, diners in the "Im Schiffchen" restaurant can sample dishes rated at two stars by the Michelin Guide.

The creations on the menu are often inspired by the chef's own personal experience. For instance, the courses on one of his set menus trace out the route of the spice road, taking taste buds on a journey from China to the West, while diners enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of possibly the most beautiful building in the old town of Kaiserswerth.

Im Schiffchen
Jean-Claude Bourgueil

Head Chef: Jean-Claude Bourgueil

Cuisine style*: creative, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: €179

Michelin Guide*:
"Owner Jean-Claude Bourgueil makes it a point of honour to serve only the very finest produce on the elegantly presented tables. Classic French culinary art has been practised in the beautiful brick-built building since 1977 - linear, expressive and full of depth."

Contact and Reservations:
Im Schiffchen
Kaiserswerther Markt 9
40489 Düsseldorf-Kaiserswerth
Tel.: +49 211 401050

The prices quoted are purely indicative.

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