The Wintringen Chapel cultural site – culture, art and spirituality

Discover the past, live in the present and get a sense of the future: the Wintringen Chapel cultural site near the Wintringer Hof country inn, around ten kilometres to the south-east of Saarbrücken embodies history and culture, art and deep emotions.

Its location on the traditional St. James' Way route and its function as a gateway to an extraordinary natural landscape, the Bliesgau UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, mean that the Wintringen Chapel cultural site is fascinating, and not only for pilgrims and hikers. The chapel near the Wintringer Hof country inn was constructed on the remains of a Gothic priory church. In many respects, it is now considered a meeting place, and not just because of its proximity to France.

Wintringen and its priory church are first mentioned around 1320 in official documents belonging to the Premonstratensian Wadgassen Abbey. Although the settlement dispersed soon after this, fragments of the church's chancel remained intact and were incorporated into Wintringen Chapel as it stands today. The foundation walls of the former church, which can be recognised in places, hint at its layout. The pilgrimage site has now been transformed into the Wintringen Chapel cultural site. Yet it is still a place of silence to this day, allowing visitors to focus on what is, to associate this with what once was and to meditate about what is yet to come. The Wintringen Chapel cultural site's current theme is "The limits of growth for this planet and its creatures", which is certainly a topic that concerns us all.

Wintringen Chapel

Opening hours:

The keys to the chapel can be collected from the farm shop at the following times: Monday to Thursday, 3pm to 7pm; Friday, 9am to 7pm; Saturday, 9am to 2pm

Entry: free

Nearest train station: Saarbrücken

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