The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau pilgrimage route
The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau pilgrimage route ©Melanie Ludwig
Spirituele reizen van A tot Z
in Duitsland

The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau pilgrimage route – when nature and serenity touch the soul

Have you ever thought about what paradise might look like? You may well find it on the Mecklenburg Lake Plateau pilgrimage route from Friedland to Mirow, with its breathtaking unspoiled nature, forests, meadows, lakes, gently rolling hills and rare wildlife. It is a serene idyll that deeply moves visitors.

There is plenty of pristine nature for a route that was only opened as a pilgrimage trail around six years ago, with lakes that dominate the cityscape in places such as Neubrandenburg or the water city of Fürstenberg. There are also forests, meadows and parks that seem to go on forever, as well as a plethora of ancient sacred buildings, including churches that have been saved from ruin, such as the church in Roga between Friedland and Neubrandenburg, now one of the hidden gems along the route. Take pause, reflect and heighten your senses for the magic of the moment. Be at one and in step with nature. Take time to reflect at memorials, for example in Alt Rehse near Neubrandenburg, which was once home to the Reichsärzteschule (Reich Doctors' School) or at Ravensbrück near Fürstenberg, the largest women's concentration camp during the Nazi era. No matter which section of the route you chose – be it from Friedland via Neubrandenburg and then from Neustrelitz to Mirow (approx. 100 kilometres) or from Neubrandenburg via Burg Stargard and Fürstenberg to Mirow (approx. 120 kilometres) – you will find witnesses to the past still with us today, making us aware of the importance of mindfulness in life. Not to mention time. If you have this, and are nimble on your feet, you can embark upon both routes (approx. 220 kilometres) for a more intense experience.

The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau pilgrimage route

Total length of route: approx. 220 km

Pilgrim hostels along the route?: Yes

Starts: Friedland or Neubrandenburg

Ends: Mirow

Arrival options: change at Berlin Central Station for regional express trains

Departure options: Neustrelitz

About the route: for detailed descriptions of the route and accommodation information (in German), visit:

Book accommodation before setting off on the pilgrimage (mobile phone signal is not always available) with a pilgrim's passport (request from special prices often available for accommodation

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