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The Nibelungen and Siegfried Route – Legendary

The 300 km Nibelung-Siegfried Route goes on the trail of the Nibelung Saga, one of the oldest stories in the German language and a heroic epic containing 2,400 stanzas. It starts in Worms and continues on to Würzburg before returning to Worms. Adventure-seekers wishing to retrace the footsteps of the Nibelungs can pick up the scent in Worms.

On the approximately 300 km Nibelung-Siegfried Route that runs through the Rhine Valley between Odenwald forest and the Palatinate forest, courageous men and beautiful women alike are sure to discover something of interest: after all, the Nibelungs and the famous 13th century Nibelungenlied saga contain all the ingredients needed for a great adventure. The Nibelungenlied, which has been listed in UNESCO's Memory of the World register, tells the story of Siegfried, Kriemhild, Brunhild and Hagen and is an account of their lives, the feasts and the feuds. It is also a tale of profound and tragic love, all-consuming hatred, jealousy, honour and death.

The fascination and the riddle of the Nibelungs

The Nibelungs are virtually unrivalled in myth and legend: so many tales have been written about them. At the time of Europe's Migration Period in the depths of the Middle Ages, the Nibelungs ended their journey on the Rhine and chose Worms as their capital. But did the proud knight Siegfried of Xanten and Hagen of Tronje really exist and where in the Rhine were the treasures of the Nibelungs hidden? Was the castle of Gunther and Brunhild really to be found in Worms? These are riddles that will never be solved for certain.

The legendary Odenwald forest

It was here in the mythical Odenwald forest, in the former kingdom of Burgundy, that one of the oldest legends – the Nibelung Saga – originated. The saga tells of love, murder and jealousy, of Siegfried's fight with the dragon, the feud between Kriemhild and Brunhild and Siegfried's death at the hands of Hagen von Tronje. The Nibelungs set off from their temporary capital, Worms, on one of the two routes leading, via Würzburg, to the kingdom of the Huns to see Attila on the banks of the Danube. This journey was to prove disastrous.

Continue the journey

With its gently sloping vineyards, thick forests, enchanting rivers, old towns, splendid churches, mysterious castles, palaces and ruins, this land is one of the most beautiful and mysterious in Germany. Along this route, you'll step back in time to the Middle Ages and discover all the wonderful places through which the Nibelungs wandered and the forests in which they hunted. In this land of myths and legends, why not feel a little like a hero?

The Nibelung-Siegfried Route

Length: approximately 300 km

Theme: the Nibelung Saga

Amorbach: Baroque city, Benedictine abbey
Auerbach: castle
Bensheim: half-timbered houses
Eberstadt: dripstone cave
Freudenberg: Freudenburg Palace
Grasellenbach: the Siegfriedbrunnen stream
Lautertal: block field
Lorsch: UNESCO World Heritage Site, abbey town, King's Hall
Michelstadt: half-timbered houses
Worms: cathedral, Nibelung Museum, Nibelung Festival
Würzburg: cathedral, residential palace, Marienberg Citadel