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  • ©Bach-Archiv Leipzig (Clemens Buchwald)
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  • ©Bayerische Staatsoper (Wilfried Hösl)
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  • ©Matthias Heyde

Music is in the air: from Bach to the Blue Man Group

Germany has one of the most vibrant music scenes in the world – musical traditions are not only treasured, they are very much alive. World-class composers and musicians continue to write Germany's musical success story every day.

Germany's classical composers captivated the music world centuries ago – and still do today. Renditions of their works by famous orchestras and choirs continually offer new ways to experience their unforgettable music. Germany's opera houses and concert halls – such as the Richard Wagner Festival Theatre or the modern underground Philharmonic Hall in Cologne – offer the perfect stage.
Fans of contemporary music enjoy themselves at concerts by rock and pop bands which, like musicals and shows, attract thousands of visitors – while jazz clubs, where audiences are up close to the stage, create an informal and intimate atmosphere.
From classical melodies in three-four time to modern techno beats: Germany is alive with the sound of music.

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