Cycling tour with a view of Lake Constance
Cycling tour with a view of Lake Constance ©Westallgäu Tourismus e.V. (Thomas Gretler)
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The Allgäu Cheese Route

Allgäu Cheese Route – Epicurean holiday against a unique Alpine backdrop

Welcome to the Allgäu Cheese Route. The route runs for approximately 150 km through the breathtaking countryside of the Alpine foothills, starting in the district of Oberstaufen before continuing to Schiedegg, Wangen and Isny. The route then runs to Lindau on Lake Constance and its numerous alpine dairies that are open to visitors and offer tours and cheese tasting sessions. Why not stop by and sample the wonderful food of Allgäu?

Nestling in the charming pre-Alpine countryside between Illertal and Lake Constance, the Allgäu Cheese Route will take you through a place of awe-inspiring beauty, full of traditional taverns (Wirtshäuern), Alpine dairies, traditional hay milk dairies, cheese dairies, breweries and distilleries which can be quite easily explored on foot, by bicycle or by car.

The countryside – a feast for the eyes

Footpaths and natural wonders as far as the eyes can see, among them the "Eistobel" nature park, an awe-inspiring ravine of waterfalls, the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park that creeps up into the Alps, the rare flowers and orchids that line the paths and the endless stream of romantic locations to stop in and relax. The Allgäu Alps, Kleinwalsertal and Bregenz Forest are just a stone's throw away and are ideal for mountaineers and climbing tours.

Sample a taste

Hundreds of years of cheese-making tradition go into the production of Allgäu Emmental, Allgäu mountain cheese, hard cheeses and soft cheeses. At a cheese-making demonstration or on a dairy tour, you can find out about how these cheeses and many others are made, what sets Allgäu cheese apart from other cheeses and even how the holes in the cheese are produced. The many traditional hay milk dairies along the route are also open to visitors and offer tours, as well as cheese to try and buy. The cheese school in Thalkirchdorf and Hiltensweiler are particular highlights and if you wish, you can even have a go at making cheese yourself under the guidance of a master cheesemaker. The large copper kettle and all the tools you need are of course provided.

The Allgäu: good for the soul

The Allgäu is a region as varied as its cuisine but Allgäu mountain cheese would be nothing without the region's unique light-brown cows. These animals, who are responsible for all the nutritious ingredients that go into a healthy and tasty cheese, stand on the mountain meadows all day long, grazing on fresh, succulent grass and aromatic meadow blossoms which become more diverse the higher up the mountains you go. The Allgäu Cheese Route is the best kept secret amongst gourmets and nature-lovers. Pay a visit, learn a little about Allgäu mountain cheese and enjoy the region's awe-inspiring nature all the while.

The Allgäu Cheese Route

Length: approximately 150 km

Theme: speciality Allgäu cheeses and the West Allgäu countryside

Grünenbach: mountain cheese dairy (Bergkäserei)
Hopfen: alpine dairy
Isny: museums, library for preachers (Prädikatenbibliothek), towers,
Lindau: harbour, ecclesiastical buildings, Herrenhausen
Lindenberg: cheese dairy tours, cheese-making demonstration, moorland lake
Oberstaufen: adventure pool, Nagelfluhkette Nature Park, winter sports
Opfenbach: cheese-making dairy, schnapps distillery
Scheidegg: hydrotherapy health resort, alpine dairy
Wangen: museums, theatre, Ravensburg Gate
Weiler: brewery and cheese dairy tours


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