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Wartburg Castle
Rock formation near the Witches' Dance Floor
The Berlin - Bad Wilsnack pilgrimage route, Lake Klempowsee
Maulbronn Monastery
St. Michael's Church, Hamburg
Eibingen Abbey
The Church of Our Lady in Dresden
The Via Baltica pilgrimage, the Grenztalmoor nature reserve near Bad Sülze
The Room of Silence in Brandenburg Gate
Mainz Cathedral
Church at St. Marienthal Abbey, Ostritz
Erfurt, cloister in St. Augustine's Monastery
The Externsteine sandstone rock formations
Hildesheim Cathedral
The Benedictine Abbey of St. Mauritius, Niederaltaich
Wies Church
Volkenroda Abbey
Blieskastel Monastery
New Synagogue, Mainz
Tempzin pilgrim hostel, west façade of the infirmary

Spiritual travel in Germany -
Go on a journey – it's worth it!

You don't need to be religious to go on a journey. These days, spiritual travel is a way of finding yourself. Travelling to churches, abbeys, monasteries and mystical places or embarking upon a journey along pilgrimage routes – Germany has plenty of impressive and inspiring places just waiting to be discovered.

Go on a tour of fascinating places, and see artworks and cultural assets of immense value – monumental and formidable witnesses to major events throughout the history of the church, and, very often, global politics.

Stay in abbeys and monasteries where the magic of days gone by can still be felt, where past and present are at one. Visit spiritual hubs that have become meeting places. Or spend a few days experiencing monastic life, far from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Embark upon a pilgrimage along countless routes and break new ground. The place at the end of the route is not your actual final destination, it is the journey that counts. Discover the St. James' Way network and other pilgrimage routes, either by bike or on foot, summon your inner strength and experience humanity, culture and history along the way.

Experience spiritual moments and be inspired by our selection of highlights.