GästeHaus Klaus Erfort
GästeHaus Klaus Erfort ©GästeHaus Klaus Erfort

GästeHaus Klaus Erfort in Saarbrücken – pushing boundaries with three Michelin-starred cuisine

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" is the slogan of GästeHaus Klaus Erfort in Saarbrücken. Because Erfort is not interested in ideology – it's pleasure that counts. And his restaurant provides the perfect setting for this quest for the finer things in life, located in an elegant Wilhelmian villa in the middle of an English-style park. Large windows offer diners a clear view of the parkland and meals are served on the terrace in fine weather.

What does a carrot taste like? Klaus Erfort's dishes offer a whole new take on familiar flavours. His creations are not designed not to be admired, but to be explored and discovered. He is guided above all by the quality of ingredients rather than pursuing a strict regional philosophy at all costs. His modern dishes bring together an array of aromas and textures in harmoniously balanced creations, taking diners on a culinary voyage of discovery.

GästeHaus Klaus Erfort
Klaus Erfort

Head Chef: Klaus Erfort

Cuisine style*: French

Prices (not including drinks)*: €18 to €55

Michelin Guide*:
"Beyond doubt, one of the best restaurants in Germany! The finest produce, carefully balanced creativity, unusual and yet harmonious combinations that never miss the mark. There is a very attractive selection of European wines with expert recommendations on hand. The extremely stylish interior is complemented by a wonderful terrace area looking out over the beautiful private park."

Contact and Reservations:
GästeHaus Klaus Erfort
Mainzer Straße 95
66121 Saarbrücken
Tel.: +49 681 9582682
Online Reservations: www.gaestehaus-erfort.de

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com

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