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St. Blasien

St. Blasien – Black Forest charm and a therapeutic climate

It is the perfect blend of holiday resort and health spa: St. Blasien in the Upper Black Forest combines scenic beauty with excellent spa and wellness facilities.

The town that was established around the abbey of St. Blasien and that shares its name is now a prime destination for all those seeking rest and relaxation and a balm for mind, body and soul.

Wonderful climate, strong traditions

By the end of the 19th century, St. Blasien had already made its name as a climatic health resort: famous personalities from around the world gathered here to reap the benefits of the therapeutic climate and to soak up the culture and atmosphere of the town. St. Blasien – together with its outlying villages of Albtal and Menzenschwand – still enjoys this reputation to this day, as well as being recognised as a specialist spa resort for respiratory health. Put simply, St. Blasien is a breath of fresh air.

Relieving pain with healing waters

Central to the spa facilities is Radon Revital, the modern thermal baths set in idyllic natural surroundings in Menzenschwand and fed by the healing waters of two radon springs from the nearby Krunkelbach valley. If used in the prescribed manner, the water is said to help alleviate rheumatic conditions and chronic pains.

Summer or winter, it's the very essence of relaxation

Simply the thought of a perfect walking or cycling holiday in St. Blasien is enough to relieve aches and pains. The town is also worth a visit in itself for its imposing cathedral, its pretty shops and its excellent restaurants and cafés – or for the international cathedral concerts in the summer. And, of course, St. Blasien is a great base for exploring the surrounding Black Forest, where the highlights include Mount Feldberg, Lake Albsee and the broad tranquil valleys.