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Explorado Children's Museum in Duisburg: have you discovered the world today?

Building, puzzling and playing: at the Explorado Children's Museum in Duisburg the focus is on learning by doing. By experimenting, trying things out for themselves and having fun, children acquire knowledge more easily. Suitable for ages four and above.

The Explorado Children's Museum is situated at the heart of Duisburg's river port. Learning is lots of fun in this huge exhibition space containing more than 100 exhibits. The journey of hands-on discovery begins in the very first room in which the children themselves become the object of study. In this body-themed area, where the focus is on movement and motor skills, the children get to explore and analyse all aspects of their physical selves. As they play on and with the exhibits, they learn how amazing their bodies are and how important it is to be aware of their own needs. A running track, bells obstacle course, motopad and climbing wall are among the other fun-packed exhibits that improve the youngsters' abilities to balance, bend, run and hold postures. There is also a play ship, where the kids can have a go at being captain and learn what river barges do. It's a journey of discovery that never stops!


At the Explorado Children's Museum, children aged from four upwards can look forward to a huge tree rising up from the basement to the first-floor 'nature' section – climbing allowed! At the excavation site, mini archaeologists get to dig for prehistoric finds such as fossilised bones, a sword and an ancient mobile phone! In the water world, they race sailing boats across a pool to see how cleverly these boats harness the power of wind. As technology testers, they get to build walls and roofs, try out wheelbarrows and sit in a mini excavator. In the transport section with its hands-on workshop, the kids can take their 'driving test'. Other highlights include a shadow theatre, drum tree, barge, recording studio, balance rope and parents' corner. In the MediaMix section, the children learn all about this increasingly important aspect of everyday life by playing with the many creative exhibits, and explore the pros and cons of social media such as Facebook. The Kids' University is a series of events that gives children a solid grounding in the workings of science and scientific research.

Under the direction of General Music Director Axel Kober and successful director Dietrich W. Hilsdorf, a new production of Richard Wagner's tetralogy "Der Ring des Nibelungen" is being staged at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein. The top-class cast is presenting soloists of the opera ensemble and guests.

Axel Kober, will produce this opus magnum with both orchestras and different casts of singers on the stages of both Opernhaus Düsseldorf and Theater Duisburg by the summer of 2019 and thus continue the Deutsche Oper am Rhein’s great Wagner tradition.

The cycle at Theater Duisburg: Thu 23rd May 2019 – Das Rheingold / So 26th May 2019 – Die Walküre / Thu 30th May 2019 – Siegfried / So 02nd June 2019 - Götterdämmerung

Datele următoarelor reprezentaţii:

23.05.2019 - 02.06.2019

Locaţia evenimentului

Theater Duisburg
47051 Duisburg
Fon: +49 203 283 62 100
Fax: +49 203 283 62 210


Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16 a
40213 Düsseldorf
Fon: +49 211 89 25 211

Toate informaţiile referitoare la preţuri, datele următoarelor reprezentaţii şi la programul cu publicul fără garanţie.

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