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Shopping experience Schweinfurt
The Celle City Explainer dresses up anew
Fünf Höfe Shopping Passage
When shopping at the outlet mall you will find beautiful things at discount prices
designer outlets Wolfsburg at night
Galerie Roter Turm with Peek & Cloppenburg
Well-known brands in an attractive airport environment
Lauscha, Painting
Prinzipalmarkt - shopping in a historical setting
Fashion and Alpine Lifestyle in downtown Garmisch
rpt Wine-2013, Winery Rainer Klöckner, Guldental
Gurkenessende Spreewald forest girl
Thuringian porcelain figures
Berlin fashion: Hats by Fiona Bennett
Audi Forum, Ingolstadt
Ladywa Donna, Terminal 2, Ankunft
Fashion House L+T

Shopping in Germany:
an irresistible offer

Germany is a shopper’s paradise. If it exists, you can find it here - from bargain finds to haute couture, traditional to cutting edge, international to the typically German. Always quick and easy to reach and offering gratifyingly good value.

Shopping in Germany – give in to temptation. Chic shopping districts like Königsallee in Düsseldorf and Kaufingerstraße in Munich are just as alluring as fantastic Outlets and architecturally outstanding shopping centres. You will strike gold wherever you go. In many cities just taking a stroll through the Old Town turns into a shopping spree. Market squares steeped in tradition offer interesting regional specialities, and anyone with a little time for rummaging will be unable to tear themselves away from the many magical little shops off the main shopping routes. Whether typically German produce or international fashion at bargain basement prices: the fulfillment of your greatest and smallest desires is first priority when shopping in Germany.

Get shopping! Discover boundless entertainment. From the trendy to the elite. You will find shopping in Germany simply irresistible.



Tax-free shopping:

General opening times:

Tipično nemačko
Greetings from Oktoberfest
Enjoy shopping: Discover Bavarian originals

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Berlin fashion: Hats by Fiona Bennett
Berlin Design: Creative and original

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Gurkenessende Spreewald forest girl
The Spree Forest gherkins from Brandenburg: Get One!

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Klaben from Knigge
The Bremer Klaben

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Regional delicatessen and local delicacies from Hamburg

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"Hessen‘s Äppler - The typical drink in traditional earthenware jars“
Hessens Äppler – the typical local drink in traditional clay jugs

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Farmer's Market outside view
Karl’s: Rural theme park, farmers’ market and courtyard kitchen

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Wilsede, Shepherd with his sheep
Typically Lower Saxon – a wide culinary range

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Pumpernickel from NRW
Typical of North Rhine-Westphalia: The Pumpernickel

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rpt Wine-2013, Winery Rainer Klöckner, Guldental
Wine from the Rhineland-Palatinate

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Craft, Eleven Point angel from Wendt & Kühn
Nussknacker & Co. – Folk art from the Erz Mountains

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Typical Harz
The “Typical Harz” regional brand from the Harz“

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Lauscha, Painting
Coloured Glassworks in Lauscha

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Heidelberg Kiss Cakes
Heidelberg Kiss Cakes – a gesture of admiration

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