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Peene Valley

The Vorpommern Village Route – The "Amazon of the North"

The Vorpommern Village Road Route in Eastern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern runs in a circuit of approximately 90 km from Anklam to Loitz, passing through Görke, Stolpe and Ziethen before returning to Anklam. The circuit passes through the sublime Peene Valley Nature Reserve and the unique river scenery of the river Peene which, with its many branches, water-filled peat-ditches and densely forested shorelines, provides a habitat for rare flora and fauna.

The Vorpommern Village Road Route runs alongside the river Peene which flows from Lake Kummerow to Anklam and is affectionately known as "the Amazon of the North". Although there is no monsoon season here, the sparsely populated countryside along the river is nevertheless home to an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna. The fish-filled Peene river, the lifeline of one of Central Europe's largest stretches of fenland, is one of the most unspoiled river valleys in the whole of Northern Germany.

Idyllic nature between Lake Müritz and the Baltic

A swan nurtures its brood half-hidden in the reeds while a small family of ducks swims past. Dark blue dragonflies zip across the water in their hundreds; long plumes of seaweed stream through the water like mermaid's hair and there is the mesmerising display of the cranes. It is hard to picture a more idyllic scene. This is a place where you can rendez-vous with a beaver today, take a bicycle trip tomorrow and the day after that perhaps a more adventurous canoeing or boating trip! An evening safari along the Peene, an experience tour to the Viking graves of Menzlin in a solar-powered catamaran, birdwatching or a ranger guided walk on the moors will also help you get to know this true "insider tip" a little better.

A jewel in the crown of Germany's green belt

Visitors to Germany are inexorably drawn to the Vorpommern Village Road Route, a place where the majesty of the Peene meets the wildness of the countryside. In fact, the sheer number of natural wonders on display here are certain to leave you speechless with amazement time and time again.

Nature in all its glory – a feast for the eyes

The introspective beauty of this unspoiled river scenery is best experienced from the water, in a canoe for example. Be both a visitor and observer in this bountiful kingdom of domestic flora and fauna as you drift slowly along the Peene: and why not say hello to the beaver or the otter, or some of their friends while you're at it? You can also discover the countryside at your own pace by bicycle or on foot: that way not one flock of birds or white-tailed eagle soaring on thermals over lake, river or fen will go unspotted.

Spellbound by the unspoiled beauty of the countryside

Cultural attractions include era-spanning buildings such as castles, palaces and Herrenhausen (mansions), historical village churches, monastery ruins, old tree-lined avenues, splendid manor houses and quaint villages largely with their original architecture, whilst countryside attractions include a Vorpommern country estate, a mill in Krenzow and an ostrich farm close to Gützkow. If paradise and the wonders of nature are good enough for you, then pay the Vorpommern Village Road Route a visit.

The Vorpommern Village Road Route

Length: approximately 90 km

Theme: rural nature, nature reserves, Peene Valley river scenery

Anklamm: the Otto Lilienthal Museum
Gützkow: country estate
Schlatkow: manor and Pomeranian Milking School (Pomerscher Melkerschule)
Stolpe: nature reserve, monastery ruins, Gutshaus Stolpe hotel
Quilow: moated palace, Trabbi-Scheune (the Trabbi museum), manor
Ziethen/Menzlin: old storehouse, Viking graves