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  • Open all year
  • Closed Mondays and on 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 January
  • Open on Easter Monday and Whit Monday
  • Events, special events for children
  • Holiday and weekend courses available with prior booking
  • Suitable for children aged 5+


Kiekeberg open-air museum – where history comes to life

Kiekeberg open-air museum in Rosengarten, south of Hamburg, is a family-friendly museum and not only because admission is free for under-18s. Suitable for children aged five and above.

There's no chance of children getting bored at Kiekeberg open-air museum, which puts the fun into learning. 'Please do not touch' does not apply here and kids can get hands-on and play freely outdoors in direct contact with Mother Nature. Who can remember what life was like without heating? Where did the water come from before we had taps in the kitchen and bathroom? How did people keep food fresh without a fridge? And what did children used to play with when there were no toys? And who did they play with when the nearest children lived miles away? All these questions and more are answered at the museum, whose twelve interactive stations are hidden within the historical buildings and around the grounds. Each station gives a taste of what life was like in the region some 150 years ago. Families can explore the museum under their own steam or take advantage of one of the many organised activities. For an insight into traditional rural trades, you can watch the baker, the beekeeper and the blacksmith going about their work.


Hands-on fun in the open air: all children are free to join in at the numerous interactive stations, with no need to book. Children aged five and above can have a go at cooking, baking on an open fire and various other crafts. Themed days such as 'water fun day', 'playtime - history for kids' and 'historical fair' offer lots of other exciting and energetic outdoor activities. There is plenty to keep children entertained in the school holidays, thanks to an extensive programme of crafts, games and tours. The stations along the waterside discovery trail shed light on the key questions surrounding water. Here, kids can roll up their sleeves to see how wells work and find out what it's like to carry water. Nearby there is a huge water playground where children can have fun getting wet. They can splash around and experiment with physical phenomena such as water pressure and whirlpools – while the raft trips and the functional model of a water meadow will appeal to the grown-ups too. Courses, tours and tastings explain the history behind Haidmärker schnapps, crusty bread and heather honey.

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