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Universum Bremen Science Center - tornadoes, the Big Bang and the languages of the world

Why? How? What for? Our world is full of exciting phenomena. At the Universum Bremen Science Center, the wonders of the scientific world are brought to life for the whole family using interactive exhibits in creatively designed display areas.

The spectacular, futuristic building containing the Universum Bremen Science Center looks like a silver whale from the outside. Inside, you learn all about the fascinating world of science by experimenting and interacting with 250 hands-on installations. The approx. 4,000m² permanent exhibition is themed on three exciting 'expeditions', exploring Man, Earth and the cosmos. Many of the phenomena that you experience with your own body are as an exciting as any cinema thriller: the pitch-black maze, for example, where you have to rely on your sense of touch to feel your way around or a virtual trip to the bottom of the sea in a submersible. The rowing skeleton Freddy shows you what happens to your bones when you exercise. In the earthquake room, the walls shake violently at the push of a button – this is not for the faint-hearted! Expedition Cosmos ventures to the stars and explores the smallest components of matter. Have fun exploring!


Expedition Mankind at the Universum Bremen Science Center begins at the moment of birth and ends in the uncharted worlds of the human mind. The DenkArena is a venue for science shows featuring spectacular experiments, science-themed theatre and enthralling lectures. For kids aged between three and eight there is a 200m² area on the ground floor called the Milky Way that has lots of child-friendly experiments. Universum Bremen also has 5,000m² of outdoor space in its EntdeckerPark, with around 25 hands-on installations themed on movement. You can test your coordination skills here, climb a steep wall or traverse a narrow gorge. The 27-metre-high activity tower offers the chance to experiment with wind and weather. At the Universum Bremen Science Center, you'll find answers to burning questions such as: how does a tornado start? What happened at the Big Bang? How many languages are there in the world? And many more besides!

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