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St. Michael's Church, Hamburg

St. Michael's Church, Hamburg – the church with the copper roof

Its tower is the emblem of the city, commonly referred to as "the Michel": St. Michael's Church and its unmistakable copper roof is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in northern Germany. Night tours of the tower also afford visitors glorious views of the Hanseatic city beneath the starry sky.

Majestically tall at 132 metres, it is certainly not the biggest tower in Germany, yet it boasts the largest church clock in the country. At eight metres in diameter, it really is an astonishing sight to behold. As visitors can still see today, no corners were cut in St. Michael's interior, either, even though the church has burned down three times since it was founded in around 1600 and was bombed in World War II.

Precious marble sets a worthy stage for the 20 metre high altar. The pulpit with its glorious staircase and the baptismal font are also made of the heavy stone material. The central console of the church's five truly unrivalled organs created by master craftsmen is installed in the concert gallery. The senate pew shows just how important St. Michael's Church is to the people of Hamburg. It is adorned with special decorations and the coat of arms of Hamburg on the side of the pew to highlight the church's special seating arrangement. Wealthy residents of Hamburg, including big names such as the composer Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, have been laid to rest in the crypt. From the narrow crypt, visitors can take on an athletic challenge and climb the 452 steps up the tower for sprawling views of the city. Or if they can only make it up 52 steps, there is a lift to help them the rest of the way.

St. Michael's Church, Hamburg

Opening hours: November to April: every day from 9am to 6pm; May to October: every day from 9am to 8pm

Entry and short tours: free

Nearest train station: Hamburg

Tours available for the blind and visually impaired; hearing loops available for the hard of hearing; accessible site; visitors must pay to enter the tower and crypt

Можно с уверенностью утверждать, что собрание Гамбургского кунстхалле – одна из самых значительных публичных коллекций произведений искусства в Германии. Гамбургский художественный музей – место в котором наглядно представлены связи, события и тенденции семи веков истории искусства. Постоянная экспозиция  музея из более чем 700 работ и временные выставки из фондов Кунстхалле дают уникальное представление об истории искусства от средневековья до наших дней.

Каждая из коллекций музея значительна сама по себе, но вместе они открывают яркую картину взаимосвязи поколений и стилей. Начиная со средневековой готики и алтарей Мастера Бертрама и Мастера Франке, экспозиция плавно переходит к голландским мастерам XVII века. Коллекцию немецкой живописи XIX века открывают мастера эпохи романтизма – Каспар Давид Фридрих,  Филипп Отто Рунге и Адольф фон Менцель. Кунстхалле хранит произведения Макса Либермана, а эпоха классического модернизма представлена картинами и скульптурами Вильгельма Лембрука, Эдварда Мунка, Эмиля Нольде, Пауля Клее, Эрнста Людвига Кирхнера, Макса Бекмана, Лионеля Фейнингера, Георга Гросса и Макса Эрнста. Отдел современного искусства представлен временными экспозициями. Гравюрный кабинет – музей в музее. В фонде Гравюрного кабинета более 120000 рисунков и гравюр. При кабинете работает отдел научной экспертизы.

Ближайшие события:

10.05.2019 - 22.09.2019

13.08.2019 - 05.01.2020

23.08.2019 - 10.11.2019

Место проведения мероприятия

Hamburger Kunsthalle
Glockengießerwall 1
20095 Hamburg

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The location of Schmidt's Tivoli (and its nearby sister theatre the Schmidt Theatre) in the St. Pauli district of Hamburg, and specifically on the Reeperbahn, says quite a lot about the theatre itself. Shows at the Tivoli are all about light-hearted entertainment, with a generous helping of offbeat humour. But this is exactly what audiences are after and why they have been flocking to both theatres for more than 30 years now.

The Schmidts Tivoli building's octagonal auditorium is reminiscent of a circus arena and it has a plush, intimate atmosphere – perfect for musicals, comedy and variety. Schmidts Tivoli specialises in German-language musical revues, which are produced entirely inhouse: from the first to the last note, from the initial idea to the final performance.

Ближайшие события:

20.06.2019 - 18.08.2019

Место проведения мероприятия

Schmidts TIVOLI
Spielbudenplatz 27
20359 Hamburg
Fon: +49 (0)40 31 77 88 99

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The International German Open has been held at the Rothenbaum club in Hamburg since 1892, making it Germany's longest-running tennis tournament.

Today, it is the only tournament in Germany to be part of the ATP World Tour 500 and is also one of the 20 largest tennis tournaments in the world. Its illustrious list of former champions includes tennis greats such as Rod Laver, Gottfried von Cramm, Budge Patty, Fred Stolle, Tony Roche, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Ближайшие события:

21.07.2019 - 29.07.2019

Место проведения мероприятия

Hallerstraße 89
20149 Hamburg

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