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Рождественский базар в Оберхаузене

Рождественский базар в Оберхаузене

В декабре крупнейший торговый центр Европы «ЦентрО» перевоплощается в сказочную страну, где посетителей встречают сверкающий лед, пестрые елочные шары, свежая хвоя и сияющие огни. На центральных площадях торгового центра работают сразу три рождественских базара, составленные из 150 деревянных палаток: Горный рождественский базар, Деревня Санты и Рождественский базар гномов.

Время работы рождественского базара:

16.11 – 23.12.2018

пн — пт: 11:00–22:00

сб: 10:00–22:00

вс: 11:00–21:00

20.11.2017: 18:00–21:00

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Where better to go than the GOP Variety Theatre Essen if you feel like getting away from the daily stresses of life for a few hours and treating yourself to a whole evening of fun, cuisine and live entertainment in one of the finest auditoriums in North Rhine-Westphalia? With its shows and rich variety of dining options, the theatre has achieved cult status – not only among locals, but also much further afield.

The GOP Variety Theatre's aim is as simple as it is ambitious: to give you an unforgettable evening. To make good on this, the theatre treated itself – and its audiences – to a renovation in 2006. The building itself was totally refurbished, given a contemporary makeover and equipped with the very latest in stage technology. Clear shapes and structures were broken up by opulent decorations and highlighted with coloured lighting. The different seating levels in the auditorium are now much more prominent, with the rows cascading upwards and outwards from the stage, enabling up to 400 audience members to have an unobstructed view wherever they are seated. These changes have made the GOP Variety Theatre in the city of Essen, the European Capital of Culture in 2010, an exceptional venue for events. Its auditorium, restaurant and bar area provide a perfect mix of infotainment, delicious food and drink and amazing shows. State-of-the-art conference technology, high-end cuisine and the best of variety entertainment make the GOP a premium setting for successful events.

Ближайшие события:

19.07.2019 - 01.09.2019

Место проведения мероприятия

GOP Varieté Essen
Rottstraße 30
45127 Essen
Fon: +49 (0)201 247 93 93

В указанной информации о ценах, сроках и времени проведения мероприятий возможны изменения.

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