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Courtier in the Weissenhaus manor in Wangels – spellbinding flair by the sea

Overlooking the deep blue Baltic Sea, standing proudly amid lush green lawns: Courtier in the historic Weissenhaus manor is a gourmet restaurant that boasts culinary delights in an impressive, spellbinding setting. The luxury beach resort promises ultra-elegant flair. The restaurant in the hall of paintings, which features original stucco work and crystal chandeliers, seats 30 diners.

Top chef Christian Scharrer, who has been awarded his second Michelin star, is a firm believer in the traditional art of cooking. He is always enchanting his diners with culinary finesse and unique taste sensations. Never following the trends and always innovating, Scharrer forges his own path and creates exquisite dishes using top-quality local produce.

Courtier im Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa

Head Chef: Christian Scharrer

Cuisine style*: creativ, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: €20 to €159

Michelin Guide*:
"The grand, historic stately home makes for an ultra-elegant setting, but there's nothing stuffy about the restaurant – the well-versed and friendly service team make sure of it. The cuisine is modern and expressive, and the produce is always of the highest standard. The terrace overlooking Hohwacht Bay is delightful."

Contact and Reservations:
Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa am Meer
Parkallee 1
23758 Weissenhaus
Tel.: + 49 (0)4382 - 92620
Online Reservations: www.weissenhaus.de/#buchen

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com