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reinstoff restaurant

reinstoff restaurant in Berlin's Mitte district – where the only constant is change

The multiple award-winning reinstoff restaurant is situated in the historic Edison Höfe courtyards, in the Berlin-Mitte district, the production site of the first light bulbs in Germany. Two Michelin stars now shine above a gourmet restaurant whose architecture cleverly brings out the industrial charm of its setting.

His restaurant's location is also a source of inspiration for Head Chef Daniel Achilles, who, like Thomas Edison before him, is on a continuous quest for new ideas and inventions. Driven by curiosity and a love of experimentation, he seeks to surprise diners time and time again. He offers a choice of two menus: the more classic "ganznah" (nearby) focusing on ingredients sourced within Germany. The second "weiterdraußen" (faraway) menu reflects the Michelin-starred chef's desire to explore all the eclectic facets of his craft.

reinstoff Restaurant
Daniel Achilles

Head Chef: Daniel Achilles

Cuisine style*: creative modern, European, sophisticated

Prices (not including drinks)*: €110

Michelin Guide*:
"The attraction here is the creative menus ("nearby" and "faraway") which are, thanks to the competent and friendly wine service, accompanied by sometimes unorthodox but always harmonious recommendations such as a beer with the starter or a vermouth with dessert. Surrounded by historic industrial architecture, the room-in-room concept adds a special touch."

Contact and Reservations:
reinstoff restaurant
Schlegelstraße 26c
10115 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 3088 1214
Email: contact@reinstoff.eu
Online Reservations: www.reinstoff.eu

The prices quoted are purely indicative.
*Source: www.bookatable.com