Marienstatt Abbey
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The Marienwanderweg pilgrimage route – from St. Marienthal Abbey to Marienstatt Monastery

The Marienwanderweg pilgrimage route from St. Marienthal Abbey to the Cistercian monastery of Marienstatt has a long tradition, even though pilgrimages were forbidden here during the Reformation. The hiking trail between the two houses of God is more than just a popular pilgrimage route in Rhineland-Palatinate on the one day of the year when the main pilgrimage takes place.

It doesn't necessarily need to serve as a pilgrimage from St. Marienthal Abbey to Marienstatt Monastery. The route through the diverse and scenic landscape of the Westerwald mountains offers plenty of opportunity for contemplation, even for those who have just put on their hiking boots this one time. Even on the day of the "main pilgrimage", which was established as a result of a holy procession conducted following a plague and always takes place on the Octave of Trinity (the eighth day after the Feast of Corpus Christi), when crowds gather on the route from Marienthal to Marienstatt. The route is also popular on Ascension Day, when the parish undertakes a pilgrimage from Marienstatt to Marienthal – two pilgrimage sites unmistakably devoted to the adoration of the Virgin Mary. It is said that a shepherd carved the Mother of God in wood and displayed it in Marienthal. The miraculous statue dating back to the 15th century is still the final stop on the pilgrimage for worshippers to this day. In days gone by, it stood under an oak tree, but it now takes pride of place in the side chapel of St. Marienthal Abbey. There was once a simple depiction of Our Lady of Sorrows in Marienstatt; today pilgrims seek help and solace from the natural stone pietà. It is a captivating statue of poignant and simple beauty. Visitors can stay overnight in the abbey to truly take in its magic.

The Marienwanderweg pilgrimage route

Total length of route: approx. 20 km

Pilgrim hostels along the route?: guest house in Marienstatt Monastery; hotel in St. Marienthal Abbey

Starts: St. Marienthal Abbey

Ends: the Cistercian monastery of Marienstatt

Arrival options: change at Montabaur Central Station for regional trains to Hilgenroth and Marienthal Monastery

Departure options: Hachenburg

About the route: route can be taken in either direction

For information on the history of the pilgrimage, dates and the pilgrimage route as a PDF file for download (in German), visit:

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