Sonnora restaurant
Sonnora restaurant ©Christopher Arnoldi, ARNOLDI Grafik‑ und Fotodesign
Рестораны от А до Я

Sonnora restaurant in the Eifel area – a family business with three Michelin stars

The Waldhotel Sonnora in Wittlich-Dreis in the Eifel area has been a luxury family-run hotel since 1978. The beautiful gardens and idyllic green setting make it the perfect destination for a relaxing break at any time of year. At the heart of the hotel is the multiple award-winning "Sonnora" restaurant, a byword among gourmets.

In Waldhotel Sonnora, you will experience premium quality and abstract flavours. The ingredients are skilfully presented and packed with surprises. The regional game specialities come particularly highly recommended.

Sonnora Restaurant
Head Chef Clemens Rambichler

Head Chef: Clemens Rambichler

Cuisine style*: French

Prices (not including drinks)*: €175 to €198

Contact and Reservations:
Waldhotel Sonnora
Auf’m Eichelfeld 1
54518 Dreis
Tel.: +49 6578 406 // +49 6578 98220

The prices quoted are purely indicative.

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