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bade:haus Norderney

Norderney – the island for thalassotherapy

Waves, water and wind dictate the rhythm of life on the seven East Frisian islands located within the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Among these islands is Norderney, Germany's oldest North Sea spa resort.

Norderney boasts an incomparable blend of majestic nature, inspiring views and warm hospitality and is a place of culture and modern living. Anyone who visits is bound to be impressed by the ensemble on offer here. The island's grand architecture reflects more than 200 years of glittering history as a royal seaside resort.

Thalassotherapy – a gift from the sea

Older still, as old as the sea itself, is the tradition of thalassotherapy – the sea's greatest gift to mankind. Out on the beach you can immediately sense the sea's restorative powers, which are harnessed in a variety of thalassotherapy treatments inside bade:haus Norderney. This popular spa offers everything from saunas and steamrooms to a family thalasso pool.

bade:haus – Best Public Bath in Europe 2015

bade:haus was named Best Public Bath in the 2015 European Health & Spa Awards, neatly coinciding with the spa's tenth anniversary. The jury based its decision on the creative ways in which the spa embraces thalassotherapy. According to the judges, bade:haus makes thalassotherapy accessible to all without compromising on quality. It is also the only European thalassotherapy spa to be awarded the Spa Europe quality seal, which it received in 2014.

Amazing wildlife spectacles

It's not just the people who enjoy the good life on Norderney. The surrounding Wadden Sea is a unique habitat for countless species of flora and fauna. Millions of sea birds stop in this UNESCO conservation area to break up their long migratory journey, and watching these vast flocks come and go is a true sight to behold.