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Zittau narrow-gauge railway, Oybin Station

The Saxon Steam Railway Route – A romantic journey on narrow tracks

Leave the car at home for once and treat yourself to a train ride. Travel in style on a historic narrow gauge steam train along the approximately 700 km Saxon Steam Railway Route, which is mainly oriented around the network of old narrow gauge railway lines, some of which have been preserved as part of Saxony's cultural heritage.

The Steam Railway Route is more than just a railway timetable. Step aboard and take a nostalgic journey through Saxony that will give you a whole new perspective on the region's industrial heritage. In no other region of Germany can you discover its most beautiful sights by narrow gauge steam train. What's more, it runs on a daily basis all through the year.

This is one train journey that's sure to be full of excitement!

En route you will also experience artistic and heritage highlights, world famous craftsmanship, nature of unparalleled beauty, a wealth of museums, living monuments to the region's railway history, health and wellness activities and exceptional cuisine. The route connects the unique holiday locations of Muskau Heath, the wintersports hub of Fichtelberg, the Baroque palace of Moritzburg near Dresden, the Zittau Mountains Nature Park, Hubertusburg Palace in Wermsdorf and Königstein Fortress in the middle of the Elbe Sandstone Massif.

The unbridled romance of Saxony's railways

The narrow gauge railways in Saxony were once the largest, single-operator narrow gauge railway network in Germany, and soon after the turn of the 20th century, some of the network's lines became important for tourism in the area. Take a nostalgic trip along the Steam Route through the mountains and heaths of Saxony, the Saxon Elbe region, the Eastern Ore Mountains, Saxon Switzerland, Upper Lusatia, Lower Silesia and the Vogtland or even a romantic journey through the snowy Christmas landscape of the Erzgebirge mountains.

The Saxon Steam Railway Route

Length: approximately 700 km

Theme: romantic railways, culture, countryside

Bad Muskau: forest railway
Dresden: transport museum
Leipzig: rail museum, zoo, leisure park
Löthain: railway station museum
Netzschkau: Gölzsch viaduct (Gölzschtalbrücke)
Oberrittersgrün: narrow-gauge railway museum
Oberwiesenthal: spa resort, Fichtelberg railway
Plauen: Syratal Park railway
Sebnitz: Tillig Model Railway
Wiesenbad: hot baths, model railway (Modellbahnland)
Zittau: nature park