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  • Open all year,
  • closed on 24, 25 and 31 December, 1 January, Carnival Monday & Good Friday
  • Suitable for children aged 5+


Children's Academy in Fulda: for the visionaries and inventors of the future

The Children's Academy in Fulda is Germany's oldest independent children's museum. Come along, try things out and learn by doing is the mantra here for children aged between five and fourteen. It's a real workout for the senses!

Don't be fooled by the word 'academy'. This is anything but boring! At the Children's Academy in Fulda the focus is on trying things out and learning by doing. Interactive displays take junior explorers on a journey of discovery through the worlds of art, culture, science and technology – and grown-ups are welcome to join in too! A parabolic reflector and whispering bowls are just two of the many hands-on exhibits. Kids also have the chance to discover the wonders of a kaleidoscope, have their eyes tricked by optical illusions and experiment with the camera obscura. In a bath made from Lego bricks they experience whole new sensations. The amazing 'walk-in heart', a permanent installation, is complemented by one-off exhibitions. In the academy itself, workshops are held during term time, in the form of ongoing courses, and during school holidays.


A particular highlight at the Children's Academy in Fulda is Europe's only 'walk-in heart'. It is five metres tall and has a base measuring 36 square metres. The structure and function of the heart in the human body is vividly explained on the accompanying tour, part of which sees visitors wandering through the four chambers of the heart as red blood cells.

This exciting tour offers an unparalleled means of finding out about the anatomy and workings of the most vital organ of all. In the academy itself, artists, artisans and other specialists run courses and workshops. There is also an inventors' club for would-be Edisons and an art school for budding Picassos. The summer academy offers information on a huge range of subjects, with a new theme each year. And if that's not enough, there are also regular special events, including one-off exhibitions and the Children's Academy on Tour. The museum café is the perfect place for kids to recharge their batteries. After all, there's nothing like learning to work up an appetite!

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