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There is another Dungeon experience in Berlin.

Hamburg Dungeon: horrible histories in the Hanseatic city

It's not just a horror show, it's real history! Hamburg Dungeon is a chamber of horrors, a theatre and a theme park rolled into one, where professional actors play out the history of Hamburg. This heart-stopping 90-minute journey to hell and back is guaranteed to give even the bravest of visitors a fright!

Sinister characters lurking in the dark depths of the Hanseatic warehouse district are awaiting your arrival. Hamburg Dungeon is a spine-chilling attraction that shows you the scary side of history. Everything is meticulously designed down to the last gruesome detail. With its startling special effects and frightening tricks of technology, Hamburg Dungeon attracts visitors from home and abroad. Your journey into Hamburg's murky past begins with a heart-stopping ride in an ancient, rickety and screeching 'elevator of doom'. Assuming you arrive below ground relatively unscathed, your eyes are met with scenes from the plague, the inquisition and the great fire of 1842. Nor are you spared the sight of the beheading of pirate Klaus Störtebeker, who was executed in 1401 at the Grasbrook in Hamburg. Things get a little less sinister on the water ride. Discover what it was like to weather the storm tide of 1717, drifting through the flooded city in a small boat. The 'labyrinth of the lost', meanwhile, will give you the fright of your life. Strong nerves are a must in the dungeon, where you experience first-hand the horrors of the Black Death and have to escape the most brutal torture methods. Other frightening shows and rides include the library of dark history, the torture chamber, the ghostly Klabautermann, the mad house and 'drop dead', the hangman ride. At Hamburg Dungeon it's all about the thrill of being scared – for families, teenagers and young adults.


Talented character actors bring a number of historical Hamburg tales to life amid Hollywood-style staging, staggering special effects and thrilling rides. Visitors to Hamburg Dungeon are swept along by the events of the past and become part of that history themselves. But thankfully that does not apply to the beheadings! More than a million people have already enjoyed this hair-raising journey through Hamburg's sinister past – and lived to tell the tale …

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