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Märchenwald fairytale forest – once upon a time in the Isar valley …

Located in Wolfratshausen in the Isar valley, not far from Lake Starnberg, the beautifully themed Märchenwald fairytale forest offers attractions and surprises galore, especially for families with younger children.

Märchenwald fairytale forest is a themed adventure paradise boasting a whole host of attractions that will appeal to children, including the marvellous merry-go-rounds and sensational slides! The more adventurous can climb aboard the red-squirrel rollercoaster – but be sure to hang on tight! Other highlights include trips on the vintage railway, the spinning flowers ride, a second of zero gravity on the star swing, not to mention a magical village and, of course, lots of fairytale houses. A head for heights is certainly required on the treetop trail and in the climbing park – an amazing 'generations playground' with imaginative equipment for the whole family that unites every age group through activity and games. For tiny tots there is a baby play area, while the older ones can brave the helter-skelter or explore the labyrinth adventure play house with discoveries on every floor. But be warned, it's a parent-free zone! The house is designed especially for children and grown-ups may find it a little tight in places!


All our favourite fairy stories come to life beneath the tall spruce trees of the fairytale forest. The fairytale trail at the park features more than 20 well-known stories with their corresponding characters including Mother Hulda, Brother and Sister, The Wishing Table, the Bremen Town Musicians, Alibaba and the 40 Thieves, the Frog Prince, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. At the touch of a button, the moving fairytale figures, of which there are 260 in all, tell their story in English or German. And then there is the dummy tree. When little ones have to give up their beloved dummies, there are usually tantrums. This is where the dummy tree might help. Children can officially bid farewell to their dummies as they proudly hang them on the tree along with all the others that have been left by brave children before them. Such a ceremony can work wonders! The park also has places where you can get something to eat or drink.

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