Essigbrätlein in Nuremberg – a top culinary duo

"Andree Köthe, Gewürzküche" (herb and spice-based cuisine) states an unassuming sign outside the small Essigbrätlein restaurant in Nuremberg's old town. With its crown glass windows, the narrow building conjures up images of a gingerbread house and fits perfectly with its surroundings in the half-timbered romantic old town of the Franconian metropolis. Diners need to announce their presence by ringing a bell pull – and reserve a table in advance as, with just 20 covers, demand runs high.

In contrast to most gourmet restaurants, instead of one Head Chef at the helm, the Essigbrätlein has two. Since 1997, the restaurant's founders Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech have assumed joint responsibility for diners' physical well-being. Both chefs deliberately avoid luxury products in favour of seemingly humble ingredients, such as kohlrabi or cauliflower, to conjure up unforgettable culinary experiences.


Head Chefs: Andree Köthe and Yves Ollech

Cuisine style*: creative, modern

Prices (not including drinks)*: €72 to €145

Michelin Guide*:
"A very distinctive style is what makes the cuisine here so special. It takes a lot of creativity to produce such a harmonious and appealing menu based mainly on vegetables and spices - top quality is guaranteed despite a deliberate avoidance of luxury products! Note: you need to ring the bell when you arrive."

Contact and Reservations:
Weinmarkt 3
90403 Nuremberg
Tel.: +49 (0)911 225131
Online Reservations:

The prices quoted are purely indicative.

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