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Stylepark – the world of design culture, Frankfurt
German Design Awards, Ambiente, Frankfurt
NIDO range of stools by Eva Marguerre, Karlsruhe

Discover design in Germany

Playful and tongue-in-cheek, unconventional and visionary: Germany's designers pull out all the stops when it comes to colour and form.

If the design is good, you should barely notice it's there. Or at least this is the case when design changes from being purely about the way a product looks to being a process in itself. A process in which objects are adapted and improved based on the needs and expectations of people and the environment. Design is no longer just about having a good look, but about serving a function, providing a solution and fitting into a system. Paradoxically, design should stand out by not standing out. In Germany you can discover a world of design, brands, studios and universities – all of which shape our lives and our futures.

Take a tour of form, colour and function and take a tour of a country that loves and lives design.