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Heidelberg's old town

Sinsheim: lust for life, footballing passion and wonderful wines

Sinsheim is situated in the heart of the Kraichgau region between Heidelberg and Heilbronn, bordering on the southern foothills of the Odenwald forest. This picturesque area, with many secrets waiting to be discovered, is known throughout Germany for its delicious asparagus and very palatable wines.

The town's most prominent landmark is medieval Steinsberg Castle, built by the Hohenstaufens. Besides offering visits and guided tours, the castle has a restaurant that is a culinary experience in itself and that hosts events in the courtyard during summer. You can take a journey back through time at the Automotive and Technology Museum, which contains a wide variety of spectacular aircraft and other triumphs from the history of technology. The museum in the historical town hall focuses on the colourful history of the town, its surrounding region and the part it played in a unified German democracy. Sinsheim's rich diversity has something for everyone. Visitors from near and far are drawn by the heritage, many museums, events and exhibitions that combine to form a lively cultural scene, ranging from jazz and pop concerts to all kinds of performing arts, including comedy, cabaret, revue, theatre and readings. But the list of Sinsheim's attractions goes on. After all, wine is a deeply rooted part of the town's heritage. The countryside boasts excellent vineyards, green meadows, wooded areas and idyllic lakes – all of which make Sinsheim and its surrounding districts a relaxing holiday destination. Fine wines and warm summer days are what make the Kraichgau region the insider's tip for wine lovers. As if that wasn't enough, there are also plenty of regional specialities to relish along the nearby Baden Asparagus Route.