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Traditions and customs from A to Z
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Dresden's Christstollen
The Hallors show how salt is made, demonstrating the process from brine through to packaged salt
Enjoying East Frisian tea at the harbour
Blade production in Solingen
Hannover's New Town Hall and Maschteich lake
Up close with a herd of Heidschnucke sheep
Fine wines at the vineyard
Guided tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Bremen
Cowbells from the Allgäu region
Maritime Museum in Hamburg
Replica aircraft in the Lilienthal Museum in Anklam, Western Pomerania
Cuckoo clock made in Baden-Württemberg
Bavarian beer
Lüftl art in Oberammergau in Bavaria
Nutcrackers – the pride and joy of traditional Erzgebirge crafts
Apfelwein from Hessen
Halloren Kugeln from Saxony-Anhalt
Pretzels from Baden-Württemberg

Old customs, modern times.
See Germany differently.

Many of Germany's old traditions are still alive today. Centuries-old customs have been preserved and updated, and can make a unique contribution to your experience and enjoyment of the country.

Indulge yourself with culinary delicacies from a bygone age. Try out various regional specialities. Witness old-fashioned handicrafts whose charm is undimmed by the passage of time.

Go back in time to the dawn of pioneering discoveries – the car, the tram, the bicycle. Lose yourself in the crowd at festivals and markets and celebrate the survival of traditions that have passed down the generations.