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The German Gemstone Route

German Gemstone Route – A high-carat tour to sparkling stones

The German Gemstone Route is a treasure trove of unique and awe-inspiring riches set in the beautiful highland landscape of Hunsrück Nahe surrounding the gemstone town of Idar-Oberstein. The route is split into two circuits totalling approximately 50 km and which connect regional sites linked to the gemstone industry.

Whether clear mountain crystal, dark smoky quartz or grainy, varicoloured agate, every step along the German Gemstone Route glisters, glistens and gleams with the possibility of discovery. Nowhere else in the world is such a wealth of precious stones to be found in such a small expanse of land. Delve into a kingdom of glittering treasures and let yourself be amazed by the world of precious stones.

Brilliant experiences and striking diversity

With diamonds, agates, gemstone cutting, goldsmithing, acclaimed mines, museums, rugged scenery and history all at your fingertips, the German Gemstone Route is a real Aladdin's cave. Visitors can watch jewellers cutting and engraving gems in their workshops and learn all about the multi-faceted world of gemstones at two visitor mines, the Gemstone Garden in Kempfeld, more than 60 traditional and modern agate-cutting workshops and a host of museums.

Prospecting to your heart's content in the "Kingdom of Stone"

Today in the Steinkaulenberg mine in Schürfstollen, it is still possible for visitors to go prospecting for their own shiny stones. This visitor mine is the only precious stone mine in Europe that is open to visitors. If you are interested in designing your own jewellery, you can even take special courses in gem cutting, goldsmithing and engraving to see how jewellery is made from raw, uncut stones, gold and silver and even have a go yourself.

Unique treasures

People have been fascinated by gemstones for centuries: symbols of power and wealth, they also exude an air of mystery. If you want to explore the mystique of the gemstones, then the unique German Gemstone Route is for you. Gemstones and glistening caves are not the only things that feature along this route; it will also take you on a journey of discovery through the region's wines and dramatic natural landscape.

German Gemstone Route

Length: approximately 50 km

Theme: precious stones, jewellery, minerals, nature, culture

Bundenbach: slate mine, fossil museum
Fischbach: historical copper mine
Herrstein: historical centre, half-timbered houses
Idar-Oberstein: gemstone museum, precious stones exchange, Church of the Rock (Felsenkirche)
Kempfeld: gemstone garden (Edelsteingarten), Mount Wildenburg
Steinkaulenberg: gemstone mine and prospecting tunnels
Veitsrodt: the Stone Guestbook (Steinernes Gästebuch)


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