Neuzelle Abbey – heavenly theatre and bundles of Baroque grandeur

It's up to the historians to decide whether the abbey in Neuzelle is a "Baroque wonder". In any case, the Church of St. Mary is impressive in its opulent Baroque glory. In a way, Neuzelle is a wonder, as the complex is one of the few of its kind to be fully preserved in Germany and Europe.

The site is a mixture of South German and Bohemian Baroque – visitors to the abbey can see Baroque architecture in all its unbelievable glory. Just like the Church of St. Mary, since the dissolution of the abbey in 1817, it has been a Catholic parish church, as well as becoming a pilgrimage church in 1946. No less impressive is its Evangelical equivalent: the Holy Cross Church, which also shines in all its glory with opulent Baroque furnishings and unique frescos. The fresco on the dome alone is around 125 m² in size, and is one of the most famous church murals in Lower Lusatia. The late Gothic cloister in the enclosure is a gem in terms of medieval monastic architecture and is the perfect place for inner reflection.

Heavenly theatre in the truest sense of the phrase awaits visitors to Neuzelle Abbey's Himmlisches Theater museum with its Neuzelle depictions of the Passion – monumental Baroque theatre in 15 scenes and five stage sets depicting the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Their scale, size and artistic quality make them one-of-a-kind in Europe. The abbey garden – the only Baroque garden in Brandenburg and one of the most important garden complexes in Germany – teaches the art of slowness. In summer, the 120 small orange trees on the terraces and in front of the orangery provide plenty of southern flair.

Neuzelle Abbey

Opening hours: for information on the churches, abbey gardens and museum (in German), visit:

Entry: the churches and abbey gardens are free

Nearest train station: Berlin

Guided tours available (for a fee); abbey gardens are accessible

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