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A breath of fresh air. If you feel like kicking back in the great outdoors, then pencil in a visit to Hainich National Park. Here, you can check out the scenery on marked trails, walk in the canopy of the huge trees and be enchanted by the beauty of rare wildcats.

Wildcat Village.

The wildcat is a rare animal and representative of many endangered species. It’s also a prime example of why it’s so important to link habitats. Since Hainich National Park was established, the wildcat has very much made it its home. You can observe these ultra-shy animals at Hütscheroda wildcat village, or you might catch a glimpse of them climbing the trees in the forest next door.


The treetop trail takes you on a panoramic path that offers stunning views over Hainich National Park.


For a change of scenery, how about a trip to nearby Wartburg Castle? Its claim to fame is that church reformer Martin Luther once found refuge here. You can even visit the room in the castle in which Luther stayed. The way that the castle towers over Eisenach below is rather impressive, don’t you think?

Rennsteig Trail.

The town of Eisenach marks the start of a magnificent ridgeway walk along the Thuringian Forest and slate mountains. Called the Rennsteig, it runs for almost 170 kilometres, but you can simply choose your preferred section and explore the scenery and nature along it.

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