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Katzenberg mountain, Mayen

Moselle Slate Route – The premium product for exclusive architecture

The Moselle Slate Route takes you on a 110 km long signposted circuit that runs from Mayen through the towns of Münstermaifeld, Cochem, Kaisersesch, Monreal and Mayen, the steep vineyards of the Moselle Valley, the volcanic landscape of the Eifel region and its Volcano Park to the very peak of the Eifel mountains. Moselle Slate got its name from the route taken to transport the precious stone across the Moselle Valley.

Moselle Slate: from the depths of the earth to the rooftops of the world! Formed in the Eifel region about 400 million years ago, slate is one of the oldest natural products in Germany. The smooth, bluish grey, shimmering stone is durable, strong, robust and easy to look after, and was even prized by the Romans.

A first class material

When constructing an exceptional piece of architecture, slate is the go-to material for roofs and façades. For countless generations, builders and craftsmen have used it to create buildings of enduring value and many centuries ago, it was used to give countless buildings, and even entire cities, a distinctive appearance. Slate was the material of choice for builders who appreciated refined materials, with both builders and craftsmen using it to construct the most attractive and striking buildings they could.

The mine tells its story

Today many slate-tiled buildings are considered World Cultural Heritage. The German Slate Mine (Deutsche Schieferbergwerk) is located 16 m under Genoveva Castle in the town of Mayen in Eifel; all over the town, high-quality Moselle slate is now extracted from depths of 300 m using the very latest technology before being perfectly cleaved and shaped to continue its life on roofs or façades.

Slate named after the Moselle

The name "Moselle Slate" has been used since 1588 and comes from the route that was originally used to transport the slate along the Moselle. This has remained an active route for both passengers and trade to this very day. Many events take place along the Moselle Slate Route but a particular highlight is the German Automobile Association (ADAC) Moselle Slate Classic Car Rally (Moselschiefer-Classic), which usually attracts around 150 participants.

Moselle Slate Route

Length: 110 km

Theme: Moselle slate, history of the mining industry

Cochem: Reichsburg Castle
Hatzenport: historic ferry tower
Kaisersesch: Slate Mining Trail
Maifeld: Eltz Castle
Mayen: the German Slate Mine, Genoveva Castle
Monreal: castle ruins
Treis-Karden: Pyrmont Castle


Mayen’s Burgfestspiele Theatre Festival is the cultural highlight of the Northern Rhineland-Palatinate. Every summer the quiet but neat Mayen turns into a theatre city. In 2019 we once more present you top class theatre. The about 60 members of our ensemble show entertainment for everybody during the next festival season: “Am Samstag kam das Sams zurück”, “Ernst sein ist wichtig”, the play "The Rocky Horror Show", the comedy play "Er ist wieder da" and the play “Nur Orphella”. Banners, hanging from Mayen’s houses, announce Mayen’s Burgfestspiele; every visitor feels the air vibrate at Mayen’s sunlit market place. In the beginning of june the romantic courtyard of Genoveva Castle turns into a stage without roof for a theatre spectacle. The free view into the sky gives your heart, mind and soul wings. And even if the stars don’t shine every evening above this stage, a few drops of rain have never clouded the atmosphere for the audience so far. Our open-air proven audience has given standing ovations even in pouring rain to swimming actors. Let’s take this opportunity to pay a big compliment to the lovers of open-air-theatre! No matter what the weather is like, theatre is more than an entertaining evening. True acting still echoes long after the last word has been spoken and after the stage is empty again. Theatre always shows a piece of life. Theatre is dreams and big feelings. Theatre is images, colours and notes. Theatre moves, touches and fires your imagination. The ensemble of Mayen’s Burgfestspiele wants to show you such great theatre. Come to Mayen, enjoy Mayen’s Burgfestspiele with us. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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Rosengasse 5
56727 Mayen
Fon: (0049) 2651 494942
Fax: (0049) 2651 497844


Eifelmuseum - Deutsches Schieferbergwerk
56727 Mayen
Fon: (0049)2651 498508
Fax: (0049)2651 7017833

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