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Diez, Lahn

The House of Orange Route – A majestic trail of discovery

The House of Orange Route, which runs 2500 km from Amsterdam through North and Central Germany before returning to Amsterdam, takes you on a journey dedicated to the House of Orange both past and present. The history of this Dutch dynasty, whose most famous member was William of Orange, begins in Nassau Castle in the Lahn Valley (Lahntal)

The House of Orange-Nassau is one of Europe's oldest dynasties, but not many people know that the Dutch Royal House originated in the heart of Germany. William of Orange ("the Silent"), the founder of the House of Orange, was born in Nassau-Dillenburg in Hessen in 1533.

Hidden treasures from the world of art

This tour of cultural and historical discovery, whose compass points are Amsterdam in the west, Oranienburg and Potsdam in the east, Schwerin in the north and Nassau in the south, embraces towns and regions that have been associated with the House of Orange-Nassau for centuries. On the strength of its cultural highlights alone, this is a majestic route indeed. There are numerous castles and palaces to be discovered, awe-inspiring churches and abbeys to see and beautifully laid-out parks and gardens with idyllic pavilions – a real feast for the eyes!

Majestic strolls through parks and gardens

Breathtaking treasures from the world of art can be admired in museums, and many towns host special exhibitions to illustrate their bonds with the House of Orange and commemorate the dynasty's political, cultural and social influence. Would you like to find out more about the history of the Dutch Royal House? If so, this is the route for you. Embark on a journey as exciting, captivating and incredibly varied as the history of the House of Orange itself.

A Dutch dynasty with German roots

There is truly something for everyone on this journey of discovery through the history of the House of Orange. There is art, culture and history in abundance, and even hiking and cycling routes for sports lovers. With approximately 3,000 lakes, Brandenburg is the German state with the highest number of inland waterways so water sports lovers will naturally be in their element. Whether you decide to travel the route by car or by train, this is a tourist experience full of highpoints and surprises to be enjoyed at your leisure. In the tranquil towns and villages of the House of Orange Route, you are sure to receive a welcome fit for a king!

The House of Orange Route

Length: approximately 2400 km

Theme: the House of Orange, arts, culture, history

Bad Pyrmont: spa resort linked to the House of Orange
Dessau: UNESCO World Heritage site
Fulda: cathedral
Hitzacker/Elbe: the birthplace of Prince Claus of the Netherlands
Nassau: ancestral castle (Stammburg)
Oranienbaum: palace
Potsdam: Dutch Quarter (Holländisches Viertel), palaces, parks
Schwerin: castle
Siegen: castle, the Nassau dynasty
Stolberg: birthplace of Juliana of Stolberg, the matriarch of the Dutch royal house

www.oranierroute.de , www.oranjeroute.nl