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An A to Z of specialities
Enjoying the local wine at a vintner's tavern in Baden-Württemberg

Vintner's taverns. Raise a glass in the heart of the vineyard.

Temporary taverns spring up all over the winegrowing regions as soon as the first glass of wine is poured. Winegrowers in Baden-Württemberg open up bars in their vineyards but only for a few weeks in the year. Many of these are simple set-ups in barns, cellars or garages. Old-fashioned broomsticks are decorated and hung outside the main building as a sign that the season has begun and visitors are welcome to stop for a drink. In the Württemberg region, these vintner taverns are called besenwirtschaften (broom inns) or besa. Baden's wineries call them straussen or straussis. Whatever you call them, their atmosphere is hard to beat!