Ibbenbüren summer toboggan park and fairytale forest – double the fun!

Ibbenbüren summer toboggan park is a popular destination for family days out, located in the beautiful Teutoburg Forest. But there's more than just a toboggan run here – there's a fairytale forest too!

Every year, this wonderful woodland park attracts lots of visitors looking for fun, entertainment and adventure. Are you an expert on fairytales? After a visit to the Ibbenbüren summer toboggan park, you may well be! It has everything from dwarf and elf worlds and dream castles to mysterious caves. After whizzing downhill on a toboggan ride, you and your children can lose yourselves in the magical realm of fairy stories. The fairytale forest, featuring moving scenes set to music, nestles idyllically in the landscape and enchants all who visit. You can watch the dwarves at work in an underground walk-through cave, or see them pottering around in the sawmill and the smithy, sing along to children's songs, listen to the winter's tale or relax on a bench by the fountains. In this fairytale world, you get to be a guest at the dwarves' inn or marvel at knights' castles and underground grottoes. Afterwards, children can test their driving skills on the dodgems, have a go at bowling and burn off their excess energy on the large play area.


Thrill-seekers will love this legendary summer toboggan run, which opened in 1926. It is the oldest summer toboggan run still in operation in Germany. The wooden toboggans are carried uphill on a lift, and there is a stairway to take you to the top. From there, you'll race steeply downhill at high speed on this famous 120-metre run. There are also great adventures in store at the 'world tour park'. If time allows, be sure to embark on this very special journey around the globe! In family-friendly vehicles, you'll experience the icy chill of the North Pole, be whisked away to the banks of the Nile, fight your way through the African jungle, experience Chinese New Year, explore the world of Native American hero Winnetou and – best of all – visit the crew of Apollo 11 on the Moon. Food and drink are available at the café, and there are several idyllic picnic areas for those who prefer to bring their own.

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