There are many highlights just waiting to be discovered in Bliesgau, an area of natural beauty and a foodie's paradise in the south-west of Germany. The Blies River, which lends the region its name, meanders through the hilly landscape, passing orchards, ancient beech forests and vast floodplains. Almost half of all the varieties of orchids in Germany and a sizeable population of little owls can be found in the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve. Just imagine what you could discover when you go exploring!

You can admire the diverse landscape of the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve and sample the local culinary culture away from the tourist hotspots. The area surrounding the Blies River is home to all kinds of rare plants and animals that are as attractive to visitors as all the regional treats on offer at the many weekly markets, farm shops and seasonal festivals. There is a regional focus on relishing local, seasonal produce, which tends to be sold directly without the need for excessive transportation. If you've got a taste for fine cuisine, local produce and laid-back experiences in the natural world, you'll be in your element here.

Getting there
Your journey to the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve can be quick and stress-free if you take the train and travel via the Saarbrücken, Homburg (Saar) or St. Ingbert stations.
You can find the best train route here or on the DB Navigator app.
Top tip: Make sure you enter your exact starting and finishing points when searching for a route.   For example: Stephensonstrasse 1, Frankfurt am Main to Othmar-Weis-Strasse 1, 82487 Oberammergau.
You can also find international super saver fares on the Deutsche Bahn website. 

Travel for free in the local area with a Saarland Card
Participating accommodation providers will give you a Saarland Card free of charge when you arrive at your accommodation. Your Saarland Card allows you to travel on local buses and trains and gives you discounts on entry to a range of attractions, allowing you to explore the Saarland region and the Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve without putting undue strain on the environment or your bank balance.

You can find out more about the Saarland Card online.