There are lakes as far as the eye can see in the Müritz National Park , which is situated at the heart of the Mecklenburg Lake District between Berlin and Rostock. Here, the landscape is littered with the wooded areas and lakes the region has come to be known for. More than 70% of the park is covered by the beech forest, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and home to no end of animals, whilst more than 400 marshes and Germany's largest coherent lake attract tourists and aquatic birds in their swathes. The natural landscape is showcased in all its glory in the fascinating Müritzeum, a fascinating and informative nature discovery centre.

The diverse conservation area within the Müritz National Park can be explored on the many hiking trails and cycle routes. Alternatively, why not step on board a canoe and discover the protected region from the countless rivers and lakes that flow through it? If you fancy giving something completely different a go, we highly recommend you go geocaching. You'll be given a GPS device and sent off on a scavenger hunt through the national park, so you can have fun exploring the area surrounding Müritz Lake as you search high and low for hidden goodies.

The Müritzeum, the huge nature discovery centre and museum in Waren, is another treat in the local area. It's actually worth visiting for its architecture alone, but once you go inside, you can use all your senses to truly feel at one with the nature in the region. Aquariums, exhibitions and collections are on hand to present and explain the ecosystem in and around the lake.

Getting there
Take an eco-friendly and stress-free trip to Müritz National Park by boarding a train to the station in Waren (Müritz) or Neustrelitz.
You can find the best train route here or on the DB Navigator app. Top tip: Make sure you enter your exact starting and finishing points in when searching for a route. For example: Stephensonstrasse 1, Frankfurt am Main to Zur Steinmole 1, Waren (Müritz). You can also find international super saver fares on the Deutsche Bahn website.

Travel for free in the local area with the MÜRITZ rundum visitor card
The MÜRITZ rundum visitor card grants holders free travel by bus during peak season (01/04–31/10) if you are staying in Klink, Rechlin, Röbel/Müritz or Waren (Müritz). This card is valid on many of the local bus lines in the towns and in the national park. If you don't have one of the visitor cards, simply use the National Park Ticket to explore Müritz.

You can find out more about getting around the local area for free online.