Itinerary: Grüss Gott America

German-Americans have made their mark in many fields and have become well-known personalities worldwide. Inform yourself about famous Germans who made a positive impact on the American culture.

  • Day 1, Munich:
    City sightseeing in Munich.
  • Day 2, Deggendorf – Passau:
    In Deggendorf, continue along the Danube River, major route for millions of emigrants from the former Austrian Hungarian Empire to Passau.
  • Day 3, Schiefweg – Finsterau:
    In Schiefweg the Emerenz Meier house (restaurant and museum) tells the story of a courageous woman and her way to Chicago. Afternoon: The open air museum Finsterau in the Bohemian German borderland.
  • Day 4, Regensburg – Nuremberg – Fürth - Bamberg:
    During stopover in Regensburg see the Oskar Schindler commemorative plate in the old town, continue to Nuremberg. In Fürth see Henry Kissinger’s birthplace. Overnight in Bamberg.
  • Day 5, Buttenheim – Kleinlosnitz - Plauen:
    Visit the Levi Strauss museum in Buttenheim, then the peasant’s museum at Kleinlosnitz. Overnight in the Vogtland region at Plauen.
  • Day 6, Bad Blankenburg – Bad Frankenhausen – Mühlhausen - Eisenach:
    In Bad Blankenburg Friedrich Freobel founded the first kindergarten in 1840. Later visit the giant panoramic painting at Bad Frankenhausen. Mühlhausen is the hometown of August Roebling, architect of the Brooklyn Bridge. Overnight in Eisenach. See the Wartburg.
  • Day 7, Würzburg – Bad Mergentheim – Bad Windsheim – Rothenburg - Dinkelsbühl:
    Visit the Baroque Residence at Würzburg, then via Bad Mergentheim to Bad Windsheim and the home of Franz Daniel Pastorius. Visit Rothenburg. Overnight at Dinkelsbühl.
  • Day 8, Ulm – Füssen – Neuschwanstein:
    The Danube Swabian Museum at Ulm depicts the history of emigrants to and from the Habsburg Empire. Via Füssen and Neuschwanstein castle back to Munich.

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