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Find inspiration here amongst specially selected accommodation options that combine sustainability with hospitality and comfort. Additional sustainability-certified accommodation options can be found on the map below.

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Environment friendly accomodation in Germany

Germany's Pathway to Sustainability

Have our travel ideas made you want an environmentally and climate-conscious holiday in Germany, but you haven't quite found what you're looking for yet? Click on your chosen state on the map, and learn more about the possibilities for a sustainable and rejuvenating holiday in your favorite region.

Transparency in Sustainability

See examples of Germany's environmentally and climate-friendly accommodation.

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More Accommodation Options in Germany

  • Experience Accessible Germany

    Travelling in Germany - imagine marvelling at the magnificent mountain panoramas, the charming low mountain ranges and the vast coastal landscapes, immersing yourself in unspoilt nature reserves and vibrant metropolises, soaking up culture and architecture and truly enjoying the delicacies and hospitality.

    Experience Accessible Germany
  • Camping: An Affordable Holiday Option for Everybody

    Choose your own daily routine, travel in your own home, enjoy affordable prices and have direct access to nature:

    Discover Camping
  • Sleeping and dining in Germany's Castles and Palaces

    In the places where knights, princes and kings once dined or laid their heads, now more ordinary visitors can also stay.

    Discover Living and Dining

Find accommodation that meets sustainability requirements.

This selection is based specifically on the publication "Anforderungen an Unternehmenszertifizierungen für nachhaltigen Tourismus in Deutschland", 2017, Die VERBRAUCHER INITIATIVE e. V. ("Requirements for company certifications for sustainable tourism in Germany", 2017, The CONSUMER INITIATIVE e.V.)