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由卡尔·恩斯特·奥斯特豪斯 (Karl Ernst Osthaus) 赞助成立的弗柯望博物馆 (Folkwang Museum) 创建于 1922 年。

其后,博物馆获得了极高的国际声誉,如今是最重要的博物馆之一,藏有大量优秀艺术作品,主要涵盖德国和法国 19 世纪绘画艺术、经典现代主义以及 1945 年之后的艺术作品。 包括梵高 (van Gogh)、塞尚 (Cézanne)、高更 (Gauguin)、布拉克 (Braque)、雷诺阿 (Renoir)、莫奈 (Monet)、蒙克 (Munch)、透纳 (Turner)、毕加索 (Picasso)、沃霍尔 (Warhol)、波洛克 (Pollock)、达利 (Dali) 和巴塞利茨 (Baselitz) 等大师的杰作。 博物馆摄影收藏馆集中展示了上世纪 20 年代以来的 50,000 多件摄影作品,为您讲述摄影发展史。

Disneys Musical TARZAN takes audiences on an unforgettable jungle journey right in the centre of Oberhausen. The Stage Metronom Theatre in Oberhausen presents the famous story of the young man who is looking for his roots and finds the love of his life, a show with spectacular lighting effects, breathtaking aerial choreography and music by Phil Collins.
Nearly 2,000 people at the Stage Metronom Theatre in Oberhausen are whisked away to the jungle... the light shimmers, the birds twitter and Tarzan and his companions swing from vine to vine, seemingly defying gravity, as the jungle drums rumble and the waves whisper in the distance.


01.08.2016 - 31.12.2018


Stage Metronom Theater Centro Oberhausen
Musikweg 1
49047 Oberhausen


Karl Ernst Osthaus believed that people should have access to art and he founded the Folkwang Museum in 1902 – initially not in Essen, but in Hagen. It was only in 1921 that the collection was transferred to the industrial city in North Rhine-Westphalia, where it quickly developed into a world-class museum.

The Folkwang Museum's reputation is founded on its outstanding holdings of 19th century painting and sculpture, classical modernist works, post-1945 art and photography (established as a separate department in 1979). Works by van Gogh, Cézanne, Gauguin and Matisse, the pioneers of modernism, lead into German Expressionism and the various art movements of the 20th century such as Cubism, concrete art, abstract Expressionism, Art Informel and Neo-figurative art. Post-1945 art and contemporary art are represented in works by the American artists Rothko, Newman, Pollock, Reinhardt, Kline, Louis and Stella; works by Soulages, Vedova, Klein and Fontana, and Richter and Palermo complete the impressive collection. There are also contemporary groups of works and installations; video art from 1973 to 1988 can be seen in screenings and presentations, and photography and prints form two further collections. The German Poster Museum, which is also part of the Folkwang Museum, owns one of the world's biggest poster collections, with 340,000 posters from the spheres of politics, business and culture.


30.03.2018 - 24.06.2018

04.05.2018 - 22.07.2018

28.09.2018 - 13.01.2019


Museum Folkwang
Dreilindenstraße 109
45128 Essen

Concerts performed by world-famous pianists at different venues.
Hailed as “the most important piano festival in the world” (FonoForum), the Ruhr Piano Festival once more presents artists of top international standing in unrivalled quantity and frequency in 70 concerts and public events. Classical and jazz music, solo performances, chamber and orchestra concerts, masterclasses and Lieder recitals all reflect the exceptional variety of events you will encounter at the Ruhr Piano Festival.


19.04.2018 - 13.07.2018


Brunnenstraße 8
45128 Essen


Stiftung Klavier-Festival Ruhr