Germany celebrates 1700 years of Jewish Life this year.

An edict of Roman Emperor Constantin in the year 321 A. D. concerning the Jewish Community in Cologne is the earliest documented proof of Jewish life in Germany and North of the Alpes at all.

Despite a long and changing history and the unspeakable crimes against humanity of the Nazis in the Shoa Jews resettled against all odds in Germany after World War II and today more than 200 000 Jews have found their home in 100 Jewish Communities all over the country.

Federal President Steinmeier said in this jubilee speech “Jewish compatriots contributed greatly to the development of Germany into modernity in the arts, philosophy, science, medicine and economics, they have co-written our history and made our culture shine! Jews in Germany are an inseparable part of our society”.

The Jubilee Year will inform about Jewish culture, traditions and customs and thus send a clear message against antisemitism.

We celebrate “1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany” with numerous colorful events, concerts, exhibitions, podcasts, video-projects, shows, dance and theater. (Due to the pandemic both analog and digital)

Germany for the Jewish Traveler

The “Jewish Traveler” e-brochure highlights 65 cities and towns with special travel tips and contact details of Jewish organizations and institutions.

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