Thrills, spills and rollercoaster rides – the exciting world of theme parks

Whether you're looking for action-packed holiday fun or a break from your everyday routine, Germany's theme parks offer variety in abundance and are a popular destination for families with children. With over one hundred to choose from, the hardest part is knowing which to visit first! And with countless new attractions being added every year, you'll want to return time and time again.
With so many exciting theme parks to choose from, what are you waiting for?

在西德地区的野外乐园: 阿伯登堡垒乐园。是全家人度过丰富多彩的一天的理想选择!

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位于 Rust(卢斯特)的欧洲公园: 顶级公园,展现欧洲的迷人魅力且通过极具震撼力的活动吸引全欧洲的关注。

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外出旅游可以如此美妙! 在但肯宫中等待着您和您的家人的是一个天然难忘的度假和历险天堂。

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在童话森林休闲公园中有涉及到 20 多部通话故事的 260 多个童话人物,一按按钮他们就可以四处移动,能让全家人都感到其乐无穷。

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能够满足对探险、童话世界和驾驶乐趣的各种大小不一的梦想的全方位公园: 这就是普龙休闲公园。

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